Judy Schuster’s abstract work is spontaneous and ebullient, not pre-meditated. She hopes to convey just enough of the mood or atmosphere of a place to enable viewers to interpret each piece from their own perspective or experience.

Schuster says, “In painting abstracts I enjoy using bright colors and textures. I like using my fingers to blend colors (finger-painting!). I like using palette knives, chop sticks, plastic knives and forks to create thick areas of color drawn through with marks and lines. This textural approach is probably from my work in fiber arts. What I most enjoy about painting this way is its directness, immediacy and physicality. I’m completely immersed in the present.”

In addition to abstract painting, and her fiber arts focus on portraiture, Schuster is also exploring multi-media interpretations of layered imagery, using a variety of textile techniques, paint, collage, beadwork, and digital media.

Past President of American Tapestry Alliance, Schuster has exhibited internationally, been featured in a film and in numerous publications. Her formal education includes a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from California State University at Long Beach, a Bachelor’s Degree in Textiles from Cornell University, and postgraduate studies in computer graphics. She also was a demonstrating artist in The Computer Graphics Studio of The California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles.